Invoking HOPE through compassion


Invoking hope to compassion yes this specific initiative is very specific event which we will be looking at kind of a fundraiser we will be looking at a specific person how we can better or lifestyle or create camping around that person’s life.

Recently we have been partnered by an organization in Himachal, which is in northern part of India they are looking at acquiring 1000 computers and yes, thousand computers and give these computers to the needy girls in villages who can be more adept in learning situations and tomorrow and really are ready to walk the world they definitely have the basic education.

I just the computer education there’s no doubt about it so through this initiative will be we will be looking at creating small campaigns around different small communities and how you can participate in this by definitely by partnering organization you can surely go to the contractors section and push us a mail so that we can see how we can work together in creating this better space in this world.