There are times in life when we need that one person who listens. We do. We offer 30 minutes of free on-call counselling once a month, where we will listen and talk.


You are a unique you. Your problem could be generic but with our life coaching and stress management practices will personalize solutions. Together, we will walk this path to find answers to questions about life and its true purpose.


With our life-coaching and stress-management techniques, we help you change the model, the perception and help you disrupt the practices that are keeping you away from true happiness. This disruption will be the final step towards discovering the NEW YOU!


We work hard to take care of those who need assistance, but are shy to ask. We are always looking towards contributions to facilitate medical help to needy and deserving.

Who We Are

MAVERICK ME FOUNDATION is an initiative of some real humans who failed, stood up and made their lives inspirational. We will not guide you or become your guru or teacher. We believe that every person is unique, so there are no standardized manuals or guidelines.

MAVERICK ME FOUNDATION is a Canada-based registered Not-for-Profit Foundation, with its another chapter in India. The Foundation aims at making efforts to be useful to the world, as it strongly believes that life is a way bigger an opportunity than we can imagine.

Mini Oberoi

Director, Global

Namaste! It gives me great pleasure to share with you my journey, some facts, and the reason behind the formation of The Maverick Me Foundation, its Motto and Global Mandate.
Having been given the adage of being a forever-learner. I am identified as a staunch and perfectionist professional teacher, journalist, and preacher.
Spoiler of a grandparent to Rhythm, proud parent of two, a valued wife, daughter, and sister are some other identities I have acquired in this birth. Having lived a very fulfilling life, a life that has been full of challenges, successes, explorations and learning, I have always felt a great need to share my learnings to help those who don't have the means themselves.
The Maverick Me Foundation is an endeavour to make a positive change in the society by using our learnings, our skills to encourage as many as we can and try to play the role of a catalyst in our own way.

Will Guides and Knowledge Empowers Action

Our Motto

We all have the God-gifted urge to be helpful and do something for others. We all want to help people around us in bettering their lives. So, this Will of bettering lives of masses got connected with that of others of my kind and this Will pushed our knowledge to take positive action and here we are The Maverick Me Foundation.


Circle of Giving

Contribute towards urgent medical aids, medicines and last rite costs of those who cannot afford.


Our Key Initiatives

Have a heart

Contribute towards urgent medical aids, medicines and last rite costs of those who cannot afford.


People Speak

Sometimes we ask ourselves why me, why does everything bad happen to me always. We tend to live in that victim state all our lives and realise that we just dig ourselves a deeper whole. Maverick taught me how to live in gratitude even in the tough times and wow my life has changed completely. Things are begining to work out for me, my relationships are stronger, my success is growing, I'm way happier then I was before Maverick.  I can actually say "Bring it on!" Thank you Maverick!

Upkar Kaur

Food Specialist

I met Maverick randomly in a professional space and through our conversations, I realised that I was being unprogrammed. Maverick without even knowing though our conversations changed the way I perceived happenings in my life. From a person who had seen every kind of struggle, relationships and countries, I guarantee that Maverick is answer to all those who need an unconditional hand. I have 100 % on Maverick as I have discussed my innermost fears and traumas of my life, which today I am able to even talk about because I was made to realise the reasons for present day problems was in the root of it all. Thank you, Maverick, you not only gave me a second chance at life but also made my family re-unite.

Sylvia Patz


I am forever thankful for the support and guidance which you have given to me in my struggling period. Your advice saved me when I was depressed in my life. Now I am confident and independent. Most important, i am happy positive. Now I am assured for my life because Maverick is with me. Thanks Maverick for your support.


Marketing Professional

I became a prisoner of my thoughts. I lived in constant fear of things going wrong. I forgot to enjoy the present moment. I always worried about the past and stressed about the future. I was in constant fear. My faith in the source was close to none. I was miserable. After seeing someone at Maverick, I realized that I am wasting my life worrying about things that had already passed and things that haven't even happened yet. I learned to be in the present moment and enjoy it! I'm so happy I got the opportunity to work with Maverick! Thank you, this was life changing.

Rupi Roopstyle

Make-up Artist

Maverick's single-point agenda

We work hard to take care of those who need assistance, but are shy to ask. We are always looking towards contributions to facilitate medical help to needy and deserving. Please donate liberally.