Contributing towards urgent medical aids, medicines and last rites cost



To know what we are doing and to have a glimpse of what Maverick Foundation is all about, you know people generally ask you know it seems more glamorous, it seems more spiritual, and even if it’s a religious organization.

No, we are an organization that practices real moral values. We have created this Foundation with the sole objective of making a difference in our own way. Definitely, we
cannot go to the other corners of the world to make life better for everybody but we are trying to do it in our own space.

We have, over the past two years, contributed financially towards medical costs of many patients. We have tried to better situations, lifestyle and living situations for many people who cannot afford a basic two square meals.

It seems to many when we say we offer financial support towards the last rites of the dead, but we have made a mandate that every penny in the bank we try to spend and allocate funds towards the last death rites of people who cannot afford to even put their loved ones or a family member to sleep properly.

All your donations will make a huge difference for this cause, as any contribution towards the last rites is beyond any other donation or support.